Jul 6, 2010

An Evening in Geneva, Indiana

I've just uploaded a pdf (see above image) of a handwritten short story my grandfather wrote in 1968--well, it's not actually a short story, it seems to be more of a hybrid, a literary memo he wrote to pass the time while waiting to interview a man who had made what the railroad believed to be a dubious injury claim (my grandfather was a claims agent).

Whatever it is, check it out by clicking on the "An Evening in Geneva, Indiana" tab in the right column, or here if you're lazy.

I'm in the process of finishing a draft of an essay inspired by this story/memo titled "The Barber of Peru," as in Peru, IN, where my grandfather grew up. The title is a phrase that Groucho Marx coined during the writing of the 1931 Marx Brothers movie Monkey Business. According Turner Classic Movies' entry on Monkey Business, Marx coined the term as a way of explaining his problem with the script written by noted New Yorker writer S.J. Perelman:

Throughout Groucho complained that Perelman's writing was too literary. When he rejected a reference to the operetta The Student Prince, his comment was, "The trouble is that the barber in Peru won't get it," referring to the small town of Peru, Indiana.

Here's some Monkey Business for your viewing pleasure:

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